Photography Opens Doors to so Many Grand Adventures

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Photography is an art that leads to Grand Adventures! Photography has been dated back millenniums with the help of one apparatus, the camera obscura. It’s a box of virtuall any size which has a hole of small diameter in one side which allows light to pass. The light then casts itself on the inside of the box thus making an inverted image. “As low tech as that sounds, the principle of the camera obscura carries over even today in every camera in existence. Light enters a light-proof device (the camera) through an opening (lens, aperture) and manifests an image. The only things that have changed is the form of the light-proof devices and the manner by which the image is recorded.” Says Adam Welch .

Over the past 200 years photography has grown in popularity. Photography used to be an expensive hobby, tallying camera, film and developing costs. With the rise of smartphones, it’s now more easily available to take a crack at shooting our own images. Speaking of taking your own images,  we here at Grand Adventure Brewing Company currently host 5 photographers. Each photographer gives their own piece of flare, and invites you to enjoy their Grand Adventures with them. All of the beautiful images hanging on the wall have at least one thing in common. That one thing is PASSION! All the artists have love, fondness, and wonderment for the great outdoors.

Grand Adventures


One of the featured photographers is Molly Johnson. She is a Native Colorado Girl who grew up on the plains of Northeastern Colorado. Learning to love everything “Cowboy!”. While going through life, she realized her passion was art and wanted desperately to have a career that reflected this. Molly has worked on over 10 different ranches and traveled the US to pursue her passion for Western Imagery, and the way of the American Cowboy. The beauty of the landscape, the fluid movement of horses and bright bluebird sunshine days are her inspiration. Molly enjoys spending her days outdoors and capturing the grand adventures in her life while she travels and works. The work hanging in GAB is a reflection of what Molly really endears as some of her best Western Art Work. Currently a resident of Grand County, the perfect and limitless scenery here allows Molly to express her work through landscape photography. You can contact her at [email protected]

David Dickerson also has photography hanging up in the brewery! Long story short, he started climbing 14ers about 12 years ago. He really started getting interested in capturing the surreal beauty he found himself immersed in. Over the past 2 or so years David has focused on night photography. Which he says is usually a Grand Adventure all to it’s own. One of  his pieces captures the Milky Way taken on top of Williams Fork Peak. It was taken in the summer overlooking summit county with the gore range in the distance. With the other photo being of the reflection that was taken off of Loveland pass while getting set up for a eclipse later that evening. You can find D3 Photography here.

So while your at Grand Adventure Brewing please feel free to roam and check out all the great affordable work hanging on the walls Don’t forget to also check out the other photographers like Jon Stark, Rachelle Hawkinson, and Shane Morris who are also featured!

P.S. Don’t forget to look at the menu before you go!

Beer Inspired Food

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Beer Inspired Food

Beer Inspired Food

Who said that beer can only be found in your glass? If you come to Grand Adventure Brewing Company you will see all of the wonderful things beer can do to change up the dinner table. Chef Travis Mathey has been cooking with beer and alcohol since he was in college back in Florida. He loves trying out new beers and seeing what he can come up with next! Travis also said he is super excited to try new ideas to go with our elk specials that we will be incorporating into the menu here soon. Having Chef Travis Mathey in the kitchen now, along side brewer Rick Reliford has allowed them the opportunity to bounce back and forth ideas for more amazing beer inspired food dishes.
So speaking of amazing dishes I asked Chef Travis “how do you know which beers to put in what entrée?” He told me the general rule of thumb is dark beer goes with dark sauce and light beer goes with light sauce. Simple enough right? So I found a great blog that has some recipes you can try at home! (

Light Beer

The Pilsner style beer in particular has a special spot in our stomachs as well as in our kitchen. Its definition is a pale light lager,  which is perfect to cook with. It leaves this nice mild beer flavor, you just can’t get enough of. We use Pilsner beer in anything from our cauliflower mashers, to our smoked meats, and even the cream sauce our salmon dinner is sautéed in. I was curious as to which item on the menu was Rick and Travis’ favorite and to my surprise they both said the Bison Brewhouse Stroganoff!

Dark Beer

Now the Bison Brewhouse Stroganoff is made with bock beer, and the bison is so tender it seems to just melt in your mouth. Bock beer is just one of the many styles of dark beer we use in the kitchen. Travis and his kitchen staff also use stout’s and some porter’s to create items such as the Chocolate Stout Ice Cream, Chocolate Raspberry Bock Mousse, and Stout BBQ sauce. Check out the menu here to see so many more great options for your dinning experience (

With incorporating so much beer in the kitchen we have created a high demand.  And since the demand is high it will benefit us greatly in the future when we start brewing our own in-house beer says Rick. We will start specifically brewing our own stout, and giving it great chocolate under tones to make better ice cream. The first beer brewed will be the K-Town Smash,  a beer in which we will start using daily. So with all those choices we want you to be BOLD in your decision making, even when it comes to choosing the beer shot for the in-house made Pommery Mustard for those pretzel bites coming to your table.


P.S. Whiskey cake is great to eat before or while you go warm up the car!

Night Life Coming to Kremmling

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Grand Adventure Brewing Night Life Logo

Kremmling, Colorado has a population of 1,492 people and with a population that low we are not known to have a wild night life scene. We do not have fancy bowling alleys, arcades, or malls. What we do have now though is us, Grand Adventure Brewing Company! Yeah that sounds a little pretentious I know, but let me explain. This location has been around for many of years and although it has been called different names in the past we are here to stay. Grand Adventure Brewing is becoming the new local hangout and here is why: our Colorado local beer wine and spirits, wild game meat (, live weekend entertainment, community events, local team sponsoring, and our friendly staff.
We are excited to bring some night life to Kremmling with the help of Colorado craft beer. GAB has brought in local breweries from Summit County, Colorado like Broken Compass ( , Baker’s Brewery (, and Dillon Dam. Grand Adventure has also brought in Winter Park winery and bourbon from all over the state. So if your drink of choice is straight rye whiskey, single malt bourbon or a glass of chilled  chardonnay we will have something to fill your glass. There is nothing better to accommodate an adult beverage then some live entertainment. So we took the time and asked couple of  acts to come and sing for you all!

Night Life Entertainment Line-Up

•January 13th (8-10pm) Caitlyn Taussig- she is a country, folk, cowboy singer from Kremmling, CO
•January 20th (7-9pm) Leonard and Kenn Lee- a fine duo! they are Texas folk singer/ songwriters that reside in Breckenridge, CO.
•February 4th (3-9pm)-  Super Bowl party.. Unlimited pizza, wings, sliders, and nachos for $15

Check-out our Facebook page for more details

Rick and the staff at Grand Adventure Brewing are very excited to announce that we have coaches lined up for an archery team and a fishing team that we are getting off the ground. February 14th is the first meeting for the archery team and we will keep you posted on a start date for the fishing team. Soon some fliers will be made and put around town along with more website and Facebook posts. I will feed you more info as it comes along I promise!

Also, if you would like the opportunity to perform your music here we would love to hear from you! Please call Rick at 970-724-9219 or email him at [email protected]

Colorado Bourbon Whiskey

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Colorado Bourbon Whiskey

Colorado Bourbon Whiskey

Colorado has become the birth place of Rocky Mountain whiskey. Colorado craft distilleries has grown to a high of 80-plus. The main driving force behind them is ” Colorado Bourbon Whiskey” . You might ask, what makes Colorado Bourbon Whiskey stand out from the rest?.  It’s our Rocky Mountain Spring water. Don’t believe me let’s just see what Jess Graber, who is Master Distiller at Tin Cup distillery has to say. Graber counters that it’s hard to overemphasize the importance of Colorado water. “You could make an amazing distillate, but if you cut it with swamp water, it’s going to taste like swamp,” he points out. “Colorado water comes from the Rockies. As it flows downhill, it picks up a mineral character that makes it smoother.” Check out what else Graber has to say about Tin Cup American Whiskey (which we carry).

In the year 1964, Congress declared that bourbon is America’s only native spirit. To be classified as bourbon, it needs to be made in the USA, include a minimum of 51% corn, it needs to be aged in new charred oak barrels, distilled to no more than 160 proof, stored at no more than 125 proof, and bottled at no less than 80 proof.  It is illegal to add additives or color to bourbon. The only ingredients that are legally allowed to influence this tasty spirit are water, corn, wheat, rye, malt, and the barrel.

So let’s dig in to a few other “Colorado Bourbon Whiskies” we carry!

Woody Creek- Basalt, Co ~

Made from 100% Colorado rye, this 90 proof, rye mash whiskey is both complex and extraordinarily smooth. Aged at least two years in new American white oak barrels, Woody Creek Colorado Straight Rye Whiskey embodies distinct rye character with pronounced white pepper throughout the palate, notes of citrus peel on the nose, and oaky vanilla mid-palate

10th Mountain Division- Vail, Co~

Mash Bill with 75% Corn. The appearance is warm amber/brown. The nose has a medium sweetness with hints of vanilla and oak, hint of honey. Palate comes in smooth, medium bodied, with toasted nuts. This whiskey is aged in new charred oak barrels, leaving the finish defined as medium-long, sweet, vanilla. The three ingredients are : corn, rye, and barley.

Golden Moon Distillery – Golden,Co~

Gun Fighter American Bourbon- Our Double-Cask Bourbon whiskey is aged for a minimum six months in new American Oak Barrels and then finished in used French Port Barrels. This gives the whiskey a unique smoothness and complexity that can be appreciated by both the whiskey aficionado and the new whiskey drinker.




We welcome you to stop in, try some new Colorado Bourbon Whiskey (straight or in a cocktail), eat our rustic from scratch kitchen Here at Grand Adventure we want you to have a great time every time! Grand Adventure will also be brewing our own in house BEER soon!


Community Involvement & Economic Vitality

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create space community involvement

Family and community involvements strengthen partnerships among individuals, family and community groups, and schools. These partnerships result in sharing and maximizing resources and that’s why we here at Grand Adventure Brewing want to dive right in. I was pleasantly surprised to find out how much research has been done on community involvement and I came across this wonderful page and it spoke to me. As I was reading each bullet point, I was just recalling my conversations with Rick we’ve had over the past few months. If we refer to that page take a look at:

Number 2: Community Involvement 


Local small business are often involved in the community ), they may sponsor local Little League team ( possibly the Cattle Kings),  or contribute to a local non-profit organization ( ). We also run a promotion at the brewery where if you bring in a non-perishable item for the Mountain Family Center you can receive 10% off your bill!

Number 10: Diverse, Locally Made Products and Services 

our goal is to be the brewery where the locals go, where the snowmobilers go, where the hunters go to get their hungry bellies full of smoked wild game meats (P.S. check out the menu and stop reading so much! , and where anyone that steps foot in Kremmling, Co  goes and feels welcomed. We put out a from “scratch” kitchen so that you will always get the best food. We have brought on Chef Travis Mathey and he creates beautiful beer inspired entrees such as Bison Brewhouse Stroganoff ( My boyfriend gave it 2 thumbs up!) made with a bock beer sauce and then whiskey cake to top off the night.

We want to help out as many other small business as we can that’s why we have brought on Winter Park Wines, Deerhammer Distilling Company, Tin Cup Whiskey, Colorado Gold Distilled Spirits. ( Check out the next blog about Our Colorado Whiskey selection).

If there are any other ideas or comments for the brewery itself or for Rick please feel free to give us a call at 970-724-9219 or email us at [email protected] Let’s keep striving for better!



Holiday Meals

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Prepared Holiday Meals - Grand Adventure Brewing Company

Prepared holiday meals for Christmas Dinner

It’s about that time of the year and the holidays are just around the corner. This holiday season we will be offering prepared, fully cooked (except for prime rib) and ready to pick up holiday meals including whole and half smoked turkeys, whole smoked chickens, quarter, half and whole smoked prime rib and all the fixings for a hassle free holiday family fest.

All of our meat options are locally raised and smoked in house to make your holiday gathering as easy as possible. The prime rib will be smoked to medium rare, and will be easy for your family to cook it to the desired level of doneness. The turkey and chicken will be fully cooked through and will come with instructions to perfectly reheat them for your Christmas dinner.

The sides we will have include: Stuffing, grilled green beans, grilled zucchini and squash medley, rice pilaf, cauliflower mashers, maple sweet potato casserole and white or brown gravy to top it all off.  Sides are $10 and are portioned for 4 people.

The Details:

All turkey, chicken and prime rib will be doused in beer, wrapped in foil and will come with reheating instructions to ensure a great meal.

Half Turkey ~5 lbs: $20

Full Turkey ~10 lbs: $40

Whole Chicken ~Rotisserie sized 4 lbs: $10

Quarter Prime Rib ~3.5lbs: $32.50

Half Prime Rib ~7.5lbs: $65

Whole Prime Rib (15 lbs): $130

Sides: $10Prepared Holiday Meals - Grand Adventure Brewing Company

How To Order:

To place your order for your smoked holiday meal, give us a ring at 970-724-9219, email us at [email protected] or swing by the brewery, have a beer and we’ll get your order on the book.

All orders will be ready to pick up on Sunday the 24th, Christmas eve, but feel free to contact us if you have a different need to satisfy the family.

Don’t forget to check out our full menu and swing in for some food & brews in the meantime.

Happy holidays from everyone at Grand Adventure Brewing Company and see you soon!