Beer Inspired Food

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Beer Inspired Food

Beer Inspired Food

Who said that beer can only be found in your glass? If you come to Grand Adventure Brewing Company you will see all of the wonderful things beer can do to change up the dinner table. Chef Travis Mathey has been cooking with beer and alcohol since he was in college back in Florida. He loves trying out new beers and seeing what he can come up with next! Travis also said he is super excited to try new ideas to go with our elk specials that we will be incorporating into the menu here soon. Having Chef Travis Mathey in the kitchen now, along side brewer Rick Reliford has allowed them the opportunity to bounce back and forth ideas for more amazing beer inspired food dishes.
So speaking of amazing dishes I asked Chef Travis “how do you know which beers to put in what entrée?” He told me the general rule of thumb is dark beer goes with dark sauce and light beer goes with light sauce. Simple enough right? So I found a great blog that has some recipes you can try at home! (

Light Beer

The Pilsner style beer in particular has a special spot in our stomachs as well as in our kitchen. Its definition is a pale light lager,  which is perfect to cook with. It leaves this nice mild beer flavor, you just can’t get enough of. We use Pilsner beer in anything from our cauliflower mashers, to our smoked meats, and even the cream sauce our salmon dinner is sautéed in. I was curious as to which item on the menu was Rick and Travis’ favorite and to my surprise they both said the Bison Brewhouse Stroganoff!

Dark Beer

Now the Bison Brewhouse Stroganoff is made with bock beer, and the bison is so tender it seems to just melt in your mouth. Bock beer is just one of the many styles of dark beer we use in the kitchen. Travis and his kitchen staff also use stout’s and some porter’s to create items such as the Chocolate Stout Ice Cream, Chocolate Raspberry Bock Mousse, and Stout BBQ sauce. Check out the menu here to see so many more great options for your dinning experience (

With incorporating so much beer in the kitchen we have created a high demand.  And since the demand is high it will benefit us greatly in the future when we start brewing our own in-house beer says Rick. We will start specifically brewing our own stout, and giving it great chocolate under tones to make better ice cream. The first beer brewed will be the K-Town Smash,  a beer in which we will start using daily. So with all those choices we want you to be BOLD in your decision making, even when it comes to choosing the beer shot for the in-house made Pommery Mustard for those pretzel bites coming to your table.


P.S. Whiskey cake is great to eat before or while you go warm up the car!