Community Involvement & Economic Vitality

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Family and community involvements strengthen partnerships among individuals, family and community groups, and schools. These partnerships result in sharing and maximizing resources and that’s why we here at Grand Adventure Brewing want to dive right in. I was pleasantly surprised to find out how much research has been done on community involvement and I came across this wonderful page and it spoke to me. As I was reading each bullet point, I was just recalling my conversations with Rick we’ve had over the past few months. If we refer to that page take a look at:

Number 2: Community Involvement 


Local small business are often involved in the community ), they may sponsor local Little League team ( possibly the Cattle Kings),  or contribute to a local non-profit organization ( ). We also run a promotion at the brewery where if you bring in a non-perishable item for the Mountain Family Center you can receive 10% off your bill!

Number 10: Diverse, Locally Made Products and Services 

our goal is to be the brewery where the locals go, where the snowmobilers go, where the hunters go to get their hungry bellies full of smoked wild game meats (P.S. check out the menu and stop reading so much! , and where anyone that steps foot in Kremmling, Co  goes and feels welcomed. We put out a from “scratch” kitchen so that you will always get the best food. We have brought on Chef Travis Mathey and he creates beautiful beer inspired entrees such as Bison Brewhouse Stroganoff ( My boyfriend gave it 2 thumbs up!) made with a bock beer sauce and then whiskey cake to top off the night.

We want to help out as many other small business as we can that’s why we have brought on Winter Park Wines, Deerhammer Distilling Company, Tin Cup Whiskey, Colorado Gold Distilled Spirits. ( Check out the next blog about Our Colorado Whiskey selection).

If there are any other ideas or comments for the brewery itself or for Rick please feel free to give us a call at 970-724-9219 or email us at [email protected] Let’s keep striving for better!