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We pride ourselves on being different. And local. 

We have a large selection of  beers from light American Pilsners to full bodied Imperial Stouts. We hope you enjoy!

Explore our craft beers, all brewed in house.

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    • River Ranger

      American Pilsner

      Light malt body & clean hop notes, 4.8%

    • Red Dirt Rosehip Sour

      Sour ale

      Roses on the nose with a floral hop profile, 5.0%

    • Kirschbaum

      Keller Bier

      Unfiltered, Malty Sweet, spicy German hops, 7.0%

    • Blacktail IPL CO2

      Black India Pale Lager

      Dark but well balanced, 5.1%

    • Blacktail IPL Nitro

      Black India Pale Lager

      Heightened malts from Nitrogen Charge, 6.1%

    • Mary's Wall Blackout

      Imperial Stout

      Whiskey nose, heavy chocolate profile, 10.0%

    • Bob's Royal Red Ale

      Red Ale

      Sweet caramel malt & spicy, earthy hops, 6.5%

    • Sarvis Berry Bock

      Barrel aged Bock

      Caramel/berry sweetness, mild whiskey nose, 8.0%

    • Aspen Ale

      Spiced Ale

      Cabernet barrel fermented, earthy, spicy hops 6.5%

    • Nutmeg Christmas Bock

      Spiced Dopplebock

      Nutmeg on the nose, rich caramel malt profile, 8.5%

    • Figgy Pudding Ale

      Hopless Ale

      Dark chocolate nose, fig and date flavor, 6.5%

    • Helles Canyon

      Helles Bock

      Bourbon barrel fermented, caramel malts, 11.1%