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GAB Beer

Over the past year Rick has been working hard brewing a wide variety of beer (s) that you will want to get your hands on. The beers that Rick has created either came from inspiration, favorite styles or the need for them in our kitchen. Grand Adventure beers are as unique as the names we gave them and you will see or rather taste what I am talking about.

Grand Adventure Beer

The Double Dark

Is a slightly darker slightly maltier version of the original double SMaSH. We have used Weyermann Barke Pilsen malt and Hallertau Mittelfruh hops. The Hallertau Mittelfruh hops is an aromatic hop producing a fruity, floral profile that is low in bitterness. This beer is a European style Pilsner with a slight bitterness relative to American Pilsners. Also, it is a double, ringing in at 8.5%.

 The K-town SMaSH

Single malt and single hop European Pilsner is a local favorite. Light in body but full flavor, the K-town SMaSH has a nice little hop bitterness true to the style. The Weyerman Barke Pilsen malt provides the malt back bone while Halletau Mittlefruh hops provides an aromatic slightly fruity and floral flavor profile. Knock a few back and enjoy the 6.2% abv!

 Mary’s Wall Blackout Imperial Chocolate Stout

Was designed  to be used in our chocolate ice cream. Named after a cliff feature on the Colorado River, the ice cream hit the wall, but stout pulled through with all paddlers forward! Made with copious amounts of chocolate and caramel malts, rolled oats and flaked barley (though no roasted barley to lay low on the coffee flavors), this 10.5% Imperial Stout provides a huge chocolate profile enhanced by a vanilla addition. If you drink this one at Pumphouse SRA you will know why it got it’s name by the time you get to Mary’s Wall!

 Squatch Blackout

Darker than a black steer’s buttocks on a moonless Kremmling night, this Imperial Chocolate Stout could only be improved on in a whiskey barrel. Aged on black cherries for 6 months, this nitro pour is dessert in a glass with a whiskey sweetness enhancing a major chocolate profile finishing with black cherries!  Even if you don’t like beer you will like this!

J Bock

True to it’s German namesake, J Bock, is made with a Munich and Pilsen Malt base accented by touches of Carafa and Melanoidin. This is a full bodied malty sweet beer that is a highly quaffable 6.5%, just the way we like it!

Bob’s Royal Red Ale

Beautifully red in color and deliciously drinkable, will keep you casting royal Wulff flies under the Colorado sun all day. A smooth Marris Otter and Cara red malt sweetness pairs with Golding and Progress hops for an irresistible 6.2% river ale. Celebrate your next gold medal water trout with a Royal Red Ale.

 The Kirschbaum Kellerbier

Is a traditional Zwickel Lager. Historically in Germany, town hall would have a bar in the basement and traditionally a Zwickel lager was brewed, hence the name Kellerbier which translates to basement beer. Named after one of the rapids in Gore Canyon, this 7.0% abv, medium bodied malty sweet beer is unfiltered, but refined on the palate with a Sterling and Spalt Select hop balance.

Pumphouse IPA

Pairs perfectly with your next Colorado River float trip! A light malt backbone leaves this Hallertau Blanc driven IPA plenty of room to shine. With hops from three different countries, Pumphouse is an untraditional IPA with a grapeskin forward flavor profile accented by hints of citrus and minimal bitterness. You may have thought you didn’t like IPA’s until you had this one floating down the Upper C!

Blacktail India Pale Lager

Dark but balanced, is as legendary as the elusive Blacktail.  A dark malt sweetness is balanced by a generous hop addition that belies the black timber darkness of this IPL. Hints of mint and chocolate on the palate leave you questioning if this beer is real.

 The Grand Adventure Brewing Co. Tesguino

Is our tribute to Cinco De Mayo! This spin on a historic Chihuahua valley brew is corn based with a touch of malt added for body, character and alcohol. Toasted corn kernels and corn cobs are added to the mash while cloves, Mexican cinnamon, anise, orange peel and copious amounts of brown sugar are added to the boil to create a festive brew! Enjoy this rich, bold character brew with your favorite Mexican foods for a festive celebration!

“Kati Says” Chokecherry Honey Wine

Hits you with a chokecherry aroma, then the palate comes with sweet honey and finishes tart. A lingering alcohol warmth reminds you this is a 13% beer. Enjoy Kati Says on nitro or CO2, pronounced honey or pronounced chokecherry.


While you are visiting Grand Adventure Brewing you will find twelve taps behind the bar that rotate our beers as well as brews from other breweries in the surrounding counties .  We have a beer to please everyone’s palate, so whether you enjoy a light refreshing Pilsner, a chocolate Stout or a nice bitter I.P.A. we are the place to go. Grand Adventure Brewing also knows how hard it can be to pick just one beer, that is why we also offer flights up to 6. So come to Kremmling, Colorado have a bite to eat, drink a couple beers and have fun with us.

Also, don’t forget that you can ask your bartender or server to fill the growler you brought in or grab a 4 pack of beer to take home with your carry out food! Here is the menu to look at after you are done reading over this if you would like to place an order.