Photography Opens Doors to so Many Grand Adventures

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Photography is an art that leads to Grand Adventures! Photography has been dated back millenniums with the help of one apparatus, the camera obscura. It’s a box of virtuall any size which has a hole of small diameter in one side which allows light to pass. The light then casts itself on the inside of the box thus making an inverted image. “As low tech as that sounds, the principle of the camera obscura carries over even today in every camera in existence. Light enters a light-proof device (the camera) through an opening (lens, aperture) and manifests an image. The only things that have changed is the form of the light-proof devices and the manner by which the image is recorded.” Says Adam Welch .

Over the past 200 years photography has grown in popularity. Photography used to be an expensive hobby, tallying camera, film and developing costs. With the rise of smartphones, it’s now more easily available to take a crack at shooting our own images. Speaking of taking your own images,  we here at Grand Adventure Brewing Company currently host 5 photographers. Each photographer gives their own piece of flare, and invites you to enjoy their Grand Adventures with them. All of the beautiful images hanging on the wall have at least one thing in common. That one thing is PASSION! All the artists have love, fondness, and wonderment for the great outdoors.

Grand Adventures


One of the featured photographers is Molly Johnson. She is a Native Colorado Girl who grew up on the plains of Northeastern Colorado. Learning to love everything “Cowboy!”. While going through life, she realized her passion was art and wanted desperately to have a career that reflected this. Molly has worked on over 10 different ranches and traveled the US to pursue her passion for Western Imagery, and the way of the American Cowboy. The beauty of the landscape, the fluid movement of horses and bright bluebird sunshine days are her inspiration. Molly enjoys spending her days outdoors and capturing the grand adventures in her life while she travels and works. The work hanging in GAB is a reflection of what Molly really endears as some of her best Western Art Work. Currently a resident of Grand County, the perfect and limitless scenery here allows Molly to express her work through landscape photography. You can contact her at [email protected]

David Dickerson also has photography hanging up in the brewery! Long story short, he started climbing 14ers about 12 years ago. He really started getting interested in capturing the surreal beauty he found himself immersed in. Over the past 2 or so years David has focused on night photography. Which he says is usually a Grand Adventure all to it’s own. One of  his pieces captures the Milky Way taken on top of Williams Fork Peak. It was taken in the summer overlooking summit county with the gore range in the distance. With the other photo being of the reflection that was taken off of Loveland pass while getting set up for a eclipse later that evening. You can find D3 Photography here.

So while your at Grand Adventure Brewing please feel free to roam and check out all the great affordable work hanging on the walls Don’t forget to also check out the other photographers like Jon Stark, Rachelle Hawkinson, and Shane Morris who are also featured!

P.S. Don’t forget to look at the menu before you go!