Colorado Bourbon Whiskey

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Colorado Bourbon Whiskey

Colorado Bourbon Whiskey

Colorado has become the birth place of Rocky Mountain whiskey. Colorado craft distilleries has grown to a high of 80-plus. The main driving force behind them is ” Colorado Bourbon Whiskey” . You might ask, what makes Colorado Bourbon Whiskey stand out from the rest?.  It’s our Rocky Mountain Spring water. Don’t believe me let’s just see what Jess Graber, who is Master Distiller at Tin Cup distillery has to say. Graber counters that it’s hard to overemphasize the importance of Colorado water. “You could make an amazing distillate, but if you cut it with swamp water, it’s going to taste like swamp,” he points out. “Colorado water comes from the Rockies. As it flows downhill, it picks up a mineral character that makes it smoother.” Check out what else Graber has to say about Tin Cup American Whiskey (which we carry).

In the year 1964, Congress declared that bourbon is America’s only native spirit. To be classified as bourbon, it needs to be made in the USA, include a minimum of 51% corn, it needs to be aged in new charred oak barrels, distilled to no more than 160 proof, stored at no more than 125 proof, and bottled at no less than 80 proof.  It is illegal to add additives or color to bourbon. The only ingredients that are legally allowed to influence this tasty spirit are water, corn, wheat, rye, malt, and the barrel.

So let’s dig in to a few other “Colorado Bourbon Whiskies” we carry!

Woody Creek- Basalt, Co ~

Made from 100% Colorado rye, this 90 proof, rye mash whiskey is both complex and extraordinarily smooth. Aged at least two years in new American white oak barrels, Woody Creek Colorado Straight Rye Whiskey embodies distinct rye character with pronounced white pepper throughout the palate, notes of citrus peel on the nose, and oaky vanilla mid-palate

10th Mountain Division- Vail, Co~

Mash Bill with 75% Corn. The appearance is warm amber/brown. The nose has a medium sweetness with hints of vanilla and oak, hint of honey. Palate comes in smooth, medium bodied, with toasted nuts. This whiskey is aged in new charred oak barrels, leaving the finish defined as medium-long, sweet, vanilla. The three ingredients are : corn, rye, and barley.

Golden Moon Distillery – Golden,Co~

Gun Fighter American Bourbon- Our Double-Cask Bourbon whiskey is aged for a minimum six months in new American Oak Barrels and then finished in used French Port Barrels. This gives the whiskey a unique smoothness and complexity that can be appreciated by both the whiskey aficionado and the new whiskey drinker.




We welcome you to stop in, try some new Colorado Bourbon Whiskey (straight or in a cocktail), eat our rustic from scratch kitchen Here at Grand Adventure we want you to have a great time every time! Grand Adventure will also be brewing our own in house BEER soon!


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